Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toothless Joe, err Nelson

Nelson lost both top teeth. I ask him questions just to listen to him talk... It sounds so funny.

Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend! Travis participated in the Easter service at our church, we had Grandpa and Grandma Nelson here for the entire weekend, and we did lots of family bonding. Coloring eggs was a lot of fun, but there are no great pictures of that, sorry.

Eggs were left in the shoes! We have gotten smarter over the years, when the eggs are put in the shoes, the dogs are put behind a locked door until morning.

All the baskets waiting for the kids to wake up. We didn't have to wait long, they were up and digging though them by 6:15AM.

The best picture I could get of all 4 kids. There were a crazy amount of out-takes.

All six of us! Tallie wanted nothing to do with the camera, she was hiding behind the chair.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ninjas, rain, and bread pudding.

Maddox found a "friend" in the basement this morning while heading down to get a bat mobile. He's since named the "friend" Ninja-Mouse. I've named the "friend", Dead. I don't want him in the house. Hopefully he loves peanut butter as much as the dogs do (who now have to stay out of the basement because they are getting the trap stuck on their noses trying to eat Ninja-Mouse's peanut butter.

I don't know about you, but when I'm stuck inside because of Spring thunderstorms I always eat conversation hearts, that are leftover from Valentine's Day and pose with my superheroes while watching Super Why.

Since it's a dreary day, I'm going to bake! I haven't done much of that since starting work again in the fall and I miss it. Today's delight is going to be Magpie's Bread Pudding. Thinking about it makes me really excited for the end of today :) I'm also going to try my hand at London Broil, it's been YEARS since I've done that. As a matter of fact, Travis banned it about 6 yrs ago when I started our oven on fire with the last London Broil I attempted. Hopefully tonight's will go better, not be charred beyond recognition and taste as amazing as it does in my head.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New "Faces in the Ferris House.

Recently, we discovered that Maddox had this terrible habbit of never making eye contact, but mostly when he was in trouble. When his teacher noticed it as well, we realized it was always his right eye that was never looking at us, so we made an appointment with the eye doctor. We discovered that Maddox has a lazy/wandering eye, so naturally, we felt like stellar parents for constantly yelling, "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

The doctor was very helpful and thinks that with the correct prescription, his brain will start relying on both eyes for sight, rather than ignoring the one with the bad picture, which was causing his eye to wander. At first, we were concerned that Maddox would not like the idea of glasses until he interrupted us say, "2 things, first I want blue glasses, and I want them to look like Clark Kent."

I suppose when he's older, he'll figure out that Clark Kent's glasses are black, but I figure, I'll buy anything that makes my kid happy about wearing glasses! Maddox was so EXCITED to pick up the glasses, that he even wore his Superman cape to pick them up to make sure they made him look just right.

He looks pretty stinkin' cute in the glasses and I'm happy that he's adjusted well to wearing them; he let's every stranger he meets that he can only take the glasses off for showers, swimming, and sleeping.

The dogs, not wanting Maddox to be the only Ferris with a new look, tried out being heroes for a day. Neither lasted more than 3.7 seconds with the mask on. They have a lot of work to do if they plan to make a career out of going incognito.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break, part 2.

Thankfully, the weather became more "normal" and we had a day of overcast/rain and a day of almost 80* and sunshine! The kids enjoyed both days.

Cooper and Nelson helped Maddox and Olivia construct forts in their rooms and the hallway between the rooms. I enjoyed the 7.5 minutes of no fighting that came with the forts.

When it was sunny, and breezy, and perfect outside the boys and the neighbors made kites out of plastic grocery bags and spent over 30 minutes running up and down the street playing with them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break!!!!

Yep, this is what we woke up to on Cooper and Nelson's first day of Spring Break. They loved the movies and picnics inside, the forts and snowmen outside and the extra dad time! Travis came home at lunch yesterday and took today off to hang with the boys (and help me a bit around the house). Hopefully when Maddox, Olivia, and I have Spring Break next week, there will be sunshine and warmer weather!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cooper is 9!

Cooper had a birthday just over a week ago, but managed to stretch the celebration to last 8 days! He got the day before his birthday off, so he went to work with me and got to celebrate there with my classroom and Olivia's classroom (they celebrate half birthdays if your birthday is over the summer). Then he got to celebrate on his actual birthday with his choice of activities for the entire day. We began the day with monkey bread and candles, that was an adventure! Red Robin was his choice for lunch (Travis and I were thankful we didn't have to eat pizza). For dinner we went to visit some friends from our old church and he got sung to again and had ice cream and brownies, complete with more candles.
This past Sunday he had 4 friends over and they played dodge ball, war, and made more noise than I thought humanly possible.

Finally, in front of the camera :) Mommy and Liv waiting for our burgers at Red Robin.
The 3 boys excited about lunch.

Roller blades, "Just what I always wanted!" The great part is, Travis and I have pulled ours out and we've found another fun way to spend time outside with the kids as the weather gets warmer. (A wonderful neighbor gave Nelson a pair of blades so he can play with us)

This years cake creation! Seriously, Travis is amazing with designing cakes.

Wow, look at ALL those candles.

A game of "war" in the backyard while the kids were waiting to be picked up by their parents.